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Name Hopkinson
Race Human
Occupation Curator
Physical appearance Squeaky voice, spectacles
Residence Ankh Morpork
Death By Dwarf bread, ironically
Marital Status
Books Feet of Clay

Mr Hopkinson was the curator of the Dwarf Bread Museum until his death in the events of Feet of Clay. While not himself a dwarf he was widely recognised as the leading authority on offensive bakery. An obsessive personality, he devoted his efforts to the dwarf bread museum and was unwilling to stop even after his death, trying to reschedule his death to a more convenient time. He was also very distressed at the implement of his death (a fine example of dwarf bread) as it was blunted by the impact against his skull. He stated that he could have provided a hammer if approached. Of course, he was probably unaware that Meshugah would probably have used his fist if some attempt at rational thought had not pointed out how conspicuous bloody hands could be.