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An up-market hairdressing salon a street or two away from the Post Office. When last referenced in Making Money, it was looking for a new sign, as Hugo confessed he had accepted a proposition from a man in a pub to do him one cheaply. This involved stealing five significant letters from the Post Office frontage - hence the inability of the signwriter to put an apostrophe in "HUGO'S", as there wasn't one to begin with in the Post Office frontage. Due to the persuasive powers of Moist von Lipwig, Mr Pump and a large crowbar, the large bronze letters are now back where they belong. Hugo even paid $AM100 to have them re-installed, which was nice of him.

The establishment may since have changed its name to suit available signage; in any case it seems to have been superseded among the city's hairdressers by Mr Fornacite's Salon.