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|title= Ironhammer
|title= Ironhammer
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|name= Ironhammer

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Name Ironhammer
Race Dwarf
Occupation Baker of the Scone of Stone
Physical appearance
Death Sometime before the Battle of Koom Valley
Marital Status
Cameos The Fifth Elephant

Ironhammer was a dwarf who forged/baked the very first Scone of Stone out of truth itself (according to dwarf legend). He is also famous for loving B'hrian Bloodaxe, the first Low King of the dwarfs. (As with all dwarf relationships it is difficult to tell their gender, and so both are referred to as a he). This relationship is featured in the opera Bloodaxe and Ironhammer.

According to the opera, Ironhammer escapes from prison and steals the Truth hidden by Agi Hammerthief. To hide it, he bakes it into the Scone of Stone, giving rise to the legend that the Scone contains a grain of truth and glows red-hot if a lie is told by a person holding it. He then brings it to Bloodaxe, whose guards cannot stop him. At this point, the Ransom Aria is sung, and truth is declared to be worth more than gold. Well... small amounts of gold, anyway. And as long as it's a pretty big or fundamental truth.

When he received news from Slogram, a traitor, as to the death of B'hrian Bloodaxe, he committed suicide. This news was untrue, however, and Bloodaxe survived until the Battle of Koom Valley, where he died trapped inside a cave with the then Diamond King of the Trolls, with whom he had met to forge a treaty that would be considered heresy by the majority of both sides had it been made public.