Iyt Gryet Teymple hyte Tsort, Y Hiystory Myistical

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Mentioned in The Light Fantastic, this is a book (perhaps the only one), about the Great Pyramid of Tsort. A copy was located in the university Library, but was since given to Trymon and its current location is unknown.

The book described the effort that went into building the Great Pyramid; it was comprised of 1,003,010 blocks of limestone, built over 60 years and cost the lives of thousands of slaves. It was apparently done as a way of sharpening razor blades (as opposed to burying Kings)

The book also detailed the wisdom of Tsort from ages past and the prophecy inscribed on the pyramid of how the world was going to be destroyed if the Eight Great Spells of the Octavo weren't said on Hogswatch of one year in the Century of the Fruitbat.

There is some confusion here as Tsort is revealed later to be a take-off of Troy, and Troy never had pyramids, or wrote with hieroglyphics.