Jeremy Clockson

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Born to the personification of Time and Wen the Eternally Surprised, Jeremy was left on the doorstep of the Clockmakers' Guild. He grew up healthy, and with an unusual skill for his craft. After a little problem with an assistant who kept his watch five minutes fast deliberately, the Guild spent much more time monitoring him in his shop, just to make sure that he hadn't killed anyone else.

His timekeeping truly was meticulous in the extreme (he could wake up at 6.59 to check that an alarm clock set for 7.00 worked) and it was probably for this reason that he was approached by Lady Myria LeJean, an Auditor in disguise, to build a glass clock which, if correctly built, would stop Time. Luckily the History Monks Lobsang Ludd and Lu-Tze came to repair the damage caused by the stopping of time and the Auditor invasion.

When Jeremy and Lobsang touched, they immediately became one; they were both the son of Time and Wen, not twins so much as the same child born twice. In a way this was the end of Jeremy Clockson, as the reintegrated person said that even Jeremy hadn't liked being Jeremy, and so he heavily favored the Lobsang persona.


Another Jerry with an interesting relationship with Time is Michael Moorcock's time-travelling adventurer Jerry Cornelius[1] - also a J.C. He stars in "The Final Programme" (in which he colludes in building the ultimate supercomputer that brings an end to human history), and three or four other books in the Moorcock portfolio. He is described as seeking sanctuary in different universes of Time in separate private mythologies and as possessing chrono-zones. (as opposed to Chromosomes). At the end of The Final Programme, Jerry also ends up as one half of a gestalt being...

Jeremy Clockson also appears to be a pun on the name of TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson, another man known for his obsession with machines (although Clarkson is less single-minded, a lot less organised and favours cars over clocks). See Discussion page.