Jimkin Bearhugger's Whiskey

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Jimkin Bearhugger dominates the Ankh-Morpork whiskey market. His local state-of-the-art distillery produces enormous quantities of spirits, sometimes aging them for several minutes. For the more demanding palate, Bearhugger's also bottles fine whiskies from distilleries in the mountains. The city distillery is also notable as the site of Fred Colon's one-in-a-million bowshot at the dragon in Guards! Guards!.

The phrase "A drop before ye go" (to which Colon observes "I had a drop once, I couldn't stop going") is a nod to the tag line of Roundworld's Bell's Scotch, as is the claim 'Aged 8 minutes' (though Bell's do actually allow 8 years).

Bearhugger's Whiskey distillery is located in Wet Alley*(F3), just off Turnwise Broadway. This location is contrary to information provided in one of the company's classified ads in The Compleat Ankh-Morpork which confusingly suggests that Wet Alley is to be found on the Isle of Gods instead. Presumably this advert was placed by Jimkin Bearhugger himself, his disorientation when submitting his address being perhaps a testament to the oft sought after obliterative properties of one (or more) of his products.

The Bearhugger line of beverages includes (in rough order of increasing quality):

  • Bearhugger's Old Selected Dragon's Blood
  • Old Persnickety
  • Bearhugger's Very Fine
  • The MacAbre

Bearhugger has since branched out into liqueurs to serve the expanding cocktail market:

Mr Bearhugger is also employed by the Assassins' Guild as Head Brewer having produced at least two brands of beer for the guild: