Johnson's Desktop Organiser

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This was designed and built by the prolific BS Johnson in days long before Imp Technomancy (IT). It was intended to be an all-purpose Organizer which would be a five-year appointments diary, Almanac and desktop calendar for the busy man of business.

however, its size of twenty by thirty feet made this use impractical, and the dates were never correct for the Discworld or indeed anywhere in nearby planes of reality. While it may have been an ancestor of the smaller and genuinely more portable Dis-Organisers devised in the Thaumatological Park, this large unwieldy thing was shunted off into a barn where it became home to a family of Goblins. Rediscovered, by far-sighted people who saw its possibilities, the goblin family were prevailed to move it to a prominent position at Shankydoodle racecourse, where it is used to disply times of races, names of jockeys, horses and owners, changing odds, and for some reason the phases of the moon and high tides in Quirm. The resident goblins update the display and keep the machinery in good working order.