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Jolly Sailor Tobacco
Name Jolly Sailor Tobacco
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Occupation Smoking and chewing tobacco
Physical appearance Bearded, smiling sailor, wearing a yellow kagoul and smoking a pipe on a stormy sea with a lighthouse in the background.
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Books Carpe Jugulum, The Wee Free Men, A Hat Full of Sky, Wintersmith, I Shall Wear Midnight
Cameos Monstrous Regiment


Jolly Sailor Tobacco is a smoking and/or chewing tobacco which is featured in several Discworld novels. It is more prominently featured in books that include Tiffany Aching, and is strongly associated with Sarah Grizzel "Granny" Aching. The Jolly Sailor himself is featured in the battle between Tiffany Aching and the Queen of the Elves.

Tiffany was embarrassed and somewhat disgusted when she heard the legend that claimed it is possible, if you turn the wrapper so that the sailor is upside-down, and scrunch it up just here and fold it just so, you can distinguish, with a certain amount of optimistic licence, the figure of a naked lady...

Apparently, these days, Archchancellor Mustrum Ridcully has succumbed to peer pressure and given in to the demands of the job, as in Unseen Academicals during a smoking ban just before the big football match, he discovers Mrs Whitlow has confiscated his emergency stash of Whizzla papers and Jolly Sailor rolling tobacco...

Sarah Aching

Sarah Aching is widely associated with Jolly Sailor tobacco, and it is said in The Wee Free Men that her granddaughter, Tiffany Aching, can always be reminded of Sarah Aching by 'the smell of Jolly Sailor, sheep wool and turpentine'.

Sergeant Jack Jackrum

In Monstrous Regiment, Jack Jackrum is mentioned as preferring his own black 'knot' of chewing tobacco to 'that Jolly Sailor stuff'.