Josiah Remnant

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Josiah Remnant
Name Josiah "Cabbage" Remnant
Race Human
Occupation Painter
Physical appearance
Marital Status
Books The Discworld Almanak

Josiah "Cabbage" Remnant was a painter, living on the Sto Plains, whose primary work was that of celebrating the cabbage. He was known to have painted with total intent on his work, taking little interest in things around him, unless they were green.

His known works include:

  • Landscape with Cabbage
  • Prospects of Sprouts Upon a February
  • Still Life with Cabbage, Broccoli both Green and Purple, Sprouts, Kale and Elderly Couple Being Attacked by Werewolf

The latter painting, often considered his masterpiece, is believed to contain a representation of a 295lb prize-winning "Rumptuous Javelin", of which said cabbage was later turned into three barrels of coleslaw. It is believed that the building obscured in the painting by the giant cabbage is Rumptuous Hall, home of Sir Henry and Lady Rumptuous. It is also believed that they are the couple being attacked by the werewolf in the background of the painting.