Keepsake Hall

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Keepsake Hall is the family seat of the Duke of Keepsake in the Ramtops or widdershins end of Octarine Grass Country, adjacent to The Chalk. The Duke is deceased; the Duchess remains and her daughter, (amateur Witch) Letitia has grown up there. The vast estate would seem absurdly over-sized for the small family until it was pointed out that it also houses agèd and infirm former servants, and the staff to care for them, numbering in the hundreds.

Like so many stately homes of the sort, it is haunted by the ghost of the first Duke, a headless woman {with a pumpkin replacement}, and a small skeleton with a teddy-bear. Letitia has managed these rather well for a beginner.

The library at the hall is filled with a collection of beautifully bound and ancient books which rivals anything outside THE Library of Unseen University. Letitia's great-grandfather has even installed many brass fittings to deter the .303 Bookworm. It includes, unfortunately, a tome titled The Bonfire of the Witches which contains the source of the Cunning Man, and Letitia, the untutored and reckless would-be Witch, has been messing with it.