Keith the Piper

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Keith the Piper
Name Keith, last name unknown
Race Human
Age Indeterminate (child)
Occupation Musician and Con-man
Physical appearance Fair hair, young
Residence Bad Blintz
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Books The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents
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Commonly known as the "stupid-looking kid", Maurice hires him to play the part of a rat-piper in The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents. Maurice leads the rodents into the town where they wreak havoc, so the villagers send for a Piper: Keith turns up and plays the pipes, putting on a show and leading the rodents out of town, where he gives the profits to Maurice.

He is friends with Maurice and the Clan, and eventually gains a friend in Malicia Grim. He's a quiet boy who likes to play his flute, and otherwise sits around with a faraway look on his face.

No-one ever asked him his name before Malicia, so he's not totally sure that Keith is his name. The name was given to him as a baby, when he was found abandoned on the doorstep of The Musicians' Guild with a blanket and a note: the note read "19 pints and a strawberry yoghurt". Malicia being the person she is, she at one point thought that as he is an ophan, he may be a king in disguise, and wondered whether Keith's life would have been any different had the note mentioned banana rather than strawberry yoghurt. He's been earning his own living since he was six, and even though he was treated well at the Guild, it was the Clan who taught him to read.

By the end of the novel, Keith has made Bad Blintz his home, having been ordained with the title of Resident Rat Piper.

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