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A Djelibeybian farmer, locked in an intractable battle with neighbouring farmer Rhumusphut concerning ownership of an ox, which was resolved by the wisdom and judgement of Pteppic, and reinterpreted according to long-standing custom, precedent and tradition by Dios. While Pteppic favoured slaughtering the beast and giving each farmer half each, Dios read this as a salutary lesson to both of them re. the clause about coveting thy neighbours's ox, and duly confiscated it to be burnt as an offering on the Concourse of Gods. As a courtesy detail, both farmers were ordered to work three days in the fields of the King as payment and thanks that Pteppic had deigned to glance upon them.


"Ktoffle" is not a million miles removed from Kartoffel, which is a sort of universal central European word for potato in German (and also Dutch/Flemish, et c?) A good name for a farmer...