Lettice Babblejack

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Miss Lettice Babblejack makes it into two of the yearbooks. In Discworld (Reformed) Vampyres' Diary 2003 she is referenced as a young and somewhat waif-like vampire and a member of the committee of the Black Ribboners' League of Temperance. In appearance in her Paul Kidby pencil sketch, she looks disconcertingly like the sort of romantic and gothically minded human woman who really wants to be a Vampire. In her pre-black ribbon days, this may have been an advantage in hunting prey - anyone who looks like that would be automatically discounted as posing no Undead threat whatsoever. She is in charge of music and of playing the harmonium at the jolly sing-songs that accompany Black Ribboner meetings (except on Tuesdays). She also appears in Discworld Thieves' Guild Yearbook and Diary 2002 as a musician and music teacher, possibly at the Thieves' Guild school. She is named as having to do with lessons in Stalking and Malicious Loitering, which when you think about it is something a vampire would be quite good at..