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*[[Gurder]] de Stationeri
*[[Gurder]] de Stationeri
*[[The Thing]]
*[[The Thing]]
*Old [[Torrit]]

===Good Omens===
===Good Omens===

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Alphabetical list of characters in the works of Terry Pratchett When including characters, please also add them to the Pratchett characters category.

There are over 1100 individuals listed on this site. For more complete lists, please also follow links to Discworld characters, Human characters, Dwarf characters etc.

Major Discworld characters

Major characters are those with dialogue in three or more books or who are in some other way important (like the Luggage).

Ankh-Morpork and The Watch

Unseen University and the Wizards

Lancre and the Witches

Death's Domain and supernatural entities

See also the gods, anthropomorphic personification and Supernatural Entities for gods and other entities who appear in only one or two books.

Other Discworld characters

Discworld Historical Figures

Characters from books not set in the Discworld universe

The Dark Side of the Sun


Bromeliad series

Good Omens

Johnny Maxwell series


The Long Earth


Note: Some character pages may not yet have been added to this list. Check the relevant categories to be sure.

This list is incomplete. Please add to it.

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