Lucy Tockley

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Lucy Tockley
Name Lucy Tockley, a.k.a. Diamanda
Race Human
Age 17
Occupation Witch
Physical appearance Slender
Residence Lancre
Parents Mother's maiden name was Keeble
Marital Status Maiden
Books Lords and Ladies

Lucy Tockley is a teenage girl who dabbles in the occult and fashions herself a self taught witch. She calls herself "Diamanda" because it sounds more 'witchy'. For the same reason, she paints her nails black, and wears black lace and a floppy black velvet hat with a veil.

After her mother died, Lucy's father sent her to Sto Lat for an education. She returns to Lancre and inspires a small group of half a dozen girls, including Agnes "Perdita" Nitt, "Amanita" DeVice, and "Muscara" (nee Susan) to form a coven. As Diamanda playing the role of teacher, they practice her version of witchcraft, learned from books. She teaches them about candle magic, scrying, the "Raising of the Cone of Power, and reading cards (presumably Caroc Cards referred in other chronicles of the Discworld.) Despite the proud claim that the cards contain the "distilled wisdom of the ancients," Diamanda has no respect for the actual tradition of witchcraft, a highly sensible practice passed from one witch to the next through apprenticeship. She scorns the mundane and woefully stagnant ways of the established witches of Lancre. Her version of witchcraft is progressive and stylish. Most dangerously, Diamanda leads her amateur coven in raising power, dancing, at the stone circle called The Dancers. Through this act, and her hunger for occult power, Lucy Diamanda invites the Elves through the weakened barriers and into Discworld.

For a seventeen year old, Lucy displays an impressive amount of magical power. Esmerelda Weatherwax discovers that this unnatural sudden appearance of magical ability is due to a gift from Queen of the Elves. This bargain takes its toll on Diamanda in the events which follow. Already in thrall to the Elves, Diamanda runs into the circle of stones in defiance of Granny Weatherwax. She is shot by an elf arrow while fleeing from the execution order of the Queen she had trusted and is saved by the witch she had so haughtily defied. In a deep sleep, Lucy is taken to Magrat Garlick for healing in the Lancre Castle. Magrat patches her physical wounds but later removes the iron bindings put in place by the older witches. Freed from the iron protection, when Lucy awakens she is under the elf enchantment and allows the elves entrance. The cruel elves show their gratitude by inflicting further wounds on Lucy.

There is no indication that Lucy continues with witchcraft after her ordeal with the elves. She may have lost any shred of power after contact is severed with the Queen. Her name is not mentioned in later books featuring Agnes Nitt and Tiffany Aching or any witches in Lancre.


Lucy Tockley's renaming herself as "Diamanda" could be a reference to the song, 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds', a song by The Beatles.