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From inference, a family name well-represented in the rolls of the Assassins' Guild. In Pyramids, one of Teppic's contemporaries is Arthur Ludorum, at first a shy, awkward and homesick child who misses his mum, says his prayers religiously, and who turns out to be a bantam fighter when riled and the son of a famous, now-deceased, assassin called Johan Ludorum.

If we assume that Pyramids takes place sometime within a few years of the consensus present for the Discworld, and scroll back thirty years to the Guild school as it was in the time of the Glorious Revolution, we encounter a senior pupil and prefect, then in his late teens, who is one of the coterie gathered around Downey, the then School Bully. There is no concrete evidence that "Ludo" Ludorum is the man destined to become Arthur's father, but the timeline might support this, as Arthur is no more than ten or eleven years old when first introduced.

Ludo is the head boy of Viper House, which suggests he embodies the sort of qualities public schoolmasters look for in senior pupils elected or nominated into such a prestigious role. He would therefore be of good character, an exemplary pupil, popular with other Viper House pupils of all ages, good at sports, and typify bravery, honesty, strength of character, and willingness to conform to the Establishment. He certainly faces down and may even have some scorn for Downey: he contradicts the School Bully in public without fear, and Downey allows this to pass without comment or retribution. (A sign that at some point, Ludorum has bested Downey in a fight and therefore has won a licence to be independent?) He is also politically astute and can read the signs well, concerning why Madam Roberta Meserole is dining at the High Table with Doctor Follett.


In Ancient Rome, the honour of Magister Ludorum was conferred on the greatest gladiator at the Games, or at least, the last man standing.

"Ludorum" being literally "of the Games", the nickname Ludo is doubly apt.
The Assassins' Code views inhumation as one of the greatest Games of all...

Magisterludorum(QIS) is one of the very many honours that Bengo Macarona has garnered in his stellar academic career