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'''Welcome to the Discworld & Terry Pratchett Wiki.'''
This [[wikipedia:wiki|wiki]] is a [[Terry Pratchett]]-oriented wiki environment. We currently have [[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}]] articles. Although it started out centred on [[:Category:Discworld Series|Discworld]], it now hosts all sorts of information about Terry Pratchett and his works. Want to contribute? Read the [[Discworld & Pratchett Wiki:Getting started|Getting started]] guide to become a valued contributor in minutes. Then [[Special:UserLogin|sign in]] and start [[:Category:Stubs|editing stub articles]] or [[Special:Wantedpages|wanted but still empty pages]].
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'''Portals'''<br />
''Navigate here to browse through the articles''
* [[Bibliography]]: Books and other material written by Terry Pratchett
* [[Discworld & Terry Pratchett Wiki:Characters|Characters]]: Pratchett characters
* [[Discworld & Terry Pratchett Wiki:Places|Places]]: Agatea to Zambingo, even a Place Where The Sun Does Not Shine
* [[Discworld Stuff]]: Anything belonging to the Discworld or Terry Pratchett's writings in general
* [[Annotations]]: Comments by readers relating to Pratchett books.
* [[Discworld & Terry Pratchett Wiki:Categories‎|Categories]]: elements of Pratchettia by groups.
* [[Discworld & Terry Pratchett Wiki:About Terry Pratchett|About Terry Pratchett]]
* [[Fandom]]: About or produced by people who read Terry Pratchett's books
* [[Reading suggestions]]: There's a life beyond Pratchett, and after triple-reading every book and map this is where you start that life
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'''[[Special:Categories|Categories]]'''<br />
''Many articles are also collected in different categories''
* [[:Category:Discworld Series|Discworld Series]]: Discworld books
* [[:Category:Watch Series|Watch Series]]: Books starring the Ankh-Morpork city watch
* [[:Category:Publishers|Publishers]]: Publishers of Terry Pratchett's writings
* [[:Category:Leading characters|Leading characters]]: Main characters of the books
* ...
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'''A meeting place: The [[Discworld & Pratchett Wiki:Mended Drum|Mended Drum]]'''<br />
To discuss non-content matters (what do we do with content disputes, vandalism,
etc, what do we want to do with this wiki, and so on), use this location:
[[Discworld & Pratchett Wiki:Mended Drum]]
See [[Talk:Main Page|the talk page]] for more ideas on what should be in this wiki,
as well as discussions on languages etc.
Are you new to wikis and want to try out how it works? On the [[Discworld &amp; Pratchett Wiki:Sandbox|Sandbox]] you can edit as much as you like and get used to working with a wiki.
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'''''Breaking news about Terry'''''
Thursday, March 12th 2015:
Sir Terry Pratchett died at home in Wiltshire today following a long battle with Alzheimer's. At present no further details are known. [[  BBC report, 3:26pm GMT]]
July 7th 2014:
''From Terry's Twitter feed:''
"Just to let you all know, the book that's on the screen in front of us - and is well underway - will be the 5th Tiffany Aching novel."
April 8th 2014
The first International Sir Terry Pratchett Day, instigated by The International Authors Forum, was celebrated at ''[ The London Book Fair]'''
Nov 24th 2013:
This wiki failed completely to note the thirtieth anniversary of the Discworld and the publication of {{COM}}. A belated happy anniversary to all of us!
May 30th 2012:
'''Sir Terry Pratchett wins Wodehouse comic fiction award'''
TP is to have a pig named in his honour after winning the 13th Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize for Comic Fiction. He won for his 50th book Snuff, which has become one of the fastest-selling hardback novels since records began. See '''[ here]''' for more.
June 13th 2011:
Sir Terry Pratchett has told Newsnight that visiting the Dignitas centre to make the documentary ''Choosing to Die'' has not changed his mind about assisted suicide.
The best-selling author suffers from Alzheimer's and says he wants to die at a time of his choosing.
''Choosing to Die'' screened on BBC TV on 13/06/11 at 9:00pm.
See '''[ here]''' for more. And '''[ here]''' for even more.
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'''[[Featured Article]]'''<br />
''Please, help to maintain the excellent standard of the articles in this wiki.''
''Regularly a key article will be chosen which should be the focus of contributors.''
'''Alphabetical list of [[List of Pratchett characters|characters]] in the works of Terry Pratchett'''
When including characters, please also add them to the ''Pratchett characters'' category.
This popular page is fourth in views after the Main Page but it has not been updated regularly.
<div align="right"><small>'''[[Talk:Featured Article|Discuss Featured articles]] | [[:Category:Stubs|Also in need of editing]] | [[Special:Wantedpages|Empty pages]]'''</small></div>
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'''Latest and Upcoming Publications by or about Terry Pratchett'''
13th January 2017: The BBC has announced that it is producing a TV drama-documentary of his life. ''[ Terry Pratchett: Back in Black]'' is based on Terry's own notes for a never-written autobiography, and features  actor Paul Kaye as Terry. It was screened on the evening of Saturday 11th February 2017. viewers based outside the UK might be able to watch it '''''[[ here]]'''''
22 Oct 2015: expected release of ''[[Book:The Compleat Discworld Atlas|The Compleat Discworld Atlas]]''
Thursday 27th August 2015: Release of the final Discworld Novel {{TSC}}.
15 June 2015: the anticipated release date for the fourth book in the ''Long Earth'' series, [[Book:The Long Utopia|The Long Utopia]]
20th February 2015: [[Book:The Rince Cycle|''The Rince Cycle'']], a theatrical adaptation starring [[Rincewind]] and based on the early Discworld novels, by Stephen Briggs and Terry Pratchett.
9 Oct 2014: [[Book:Mrs Bradshaw's Handbook|Mrs Bradshaw's Handbook]], a guide to railway travel around the Sto Plains, was released.
24 Sep 2014: [[Book:A Slip of the Keyboard|''A Slip of the Keyboard: Collected Non-fiction Writings'']] was released.
11 Sep 2014: [[Book:Dragons At Crumbling Castle|''Dragons At Crumbling Castle'']], a collection of short stories for children (and their grandparents) was released.
19 Jun 2014: ''[[Book:The Long Mars|The Long Mars]]'', the third in the SF series co-written with Stephen Baxter was released.
18th Nov 2013: A musical version of {{W}} is to be released, based on old and original English folk music, performed by [[Maddy Prior]] and Steeleye Span (of ''Two Magicians'' fame - see {{ER}})
7 Nov 2013: {{RS}}, the 40th book in the Discworld series, released. The Disc's first train comes steaming into town.
'''''Radio''''':- In December 2014, BBC Radio Four is to broadcast an adaptation of '''Good Omens''' in six parts, culminating in the Amageddon which will happen on one hour on Christmas Day. Be sure to eat your Christmas dinner and open your presents first.
'''''Television''''':-  In Feb. 2009. Terry has broadcast two one-hour documentaries for the BBC in which a production team shadows him for a year while he lives with the awareness of his Alzheimers' Disease and its implications.
''Previous releases:-''
*Television series of ''[[Book:Johnny and the Bomb|Johnny and the Bomb]]''
*TV film of ''[[Book:Hogfather|Hogfather]]'', December 2006.
*TV film of {{COM}}, Easter 2008.
*TV production of {{GP}}, May 2010
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'''Did you know that ...'''
* ... the motto carved above the doors of [[Unseen University]] means ''Now you see it, now you don't''?
* ... there are only six references to Harry Potter on this entire Wiki?
* ... [[Sto Lat]] is a [[wikipedia:Sto Lat|Polish song]], the expression meaning "may you live a hundred years"?
* ... someone has actually made a [ Discworld cake]?
* ... the article [[Multiple exclamation marks]] has attracted more than 50,000 views?!!! And that was on the ''old'' Wiki: even allowing for the shiny new-ness of this new home, "M.E.M." has attracted over 36,000 viewings while many popular characters and books haven't reached 10,000. What ''is'' it about this page?
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'''A picture says more than a thousand words...'''
If you have any artwork to contribute, go to the [[Special:Upload|Upload page]]. As with all content, ''make sure you are allowed to post the image here''. If you're not the copyright holder, check the license and whether it's compatible with the license used on this site. The upload link can also be found in the Toolbox in the left sidebar.
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'''External links'''
* {{lsr}}, The L-Space Web, a Terry Pratchett/Discworld Website
* [[wikipedia:|Wikipedia]], the free encyclopedia
* [[wikipedia:Terry Pratchett|Terry Pratchett]] on Wikipedia
* [[wikipedia:Discworld|Discworld]] on Wikipedia
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