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Welcome to the Discworld & Terry Pratchett Wiki.

This wiki is a Terry Pratchett-oriented wiki environment. We currently have 4,190 articles. Although it started out centred on Discworld, it now hosts all sorts of information about Terry Pratchett and his works. Want to contribute? Read the Getting started guide to become a valued contributor in minutes. Then sign in and start editing stub articles or wanted but still empty pages.

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Breaking news about Terry

May 30th 2012:

Sir Terry Pratchett wins Wodehouse comic fiction award

TP is to have a pig named in his honour after winning the 13th Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize for Comic Fiction. He won for his 50th book Snuff, which has become one of the fastest-selling hardback novels since records began. See here for more.

June 13th 2011:

Sir Terry Pratchett has told Newsnight that visiting the Dignitas centre to make the documentary Choosing to Die has not changed his mind about assisted suicide.

The best-selling author suffers from Alzheimers and says he wants to die at a time of his choosing.

Choosing to Die screened on BBC TV on 13/06/11 at 9:00pm.

See here for more. And here for even more.

November 13th 2010:-

Sir Terry Pratchett has disclosed that he drinks “enormously” to help him in his fight against Alzheimer’s.

"I keep pointing out to Roy that brandy is in the British Pharmacopoeia,” Sir Terry told The Times magazine. “So are stout and sherry, I believe. I drink enormously. It makes you feel better and feeling better is part of it.”

Prof Jones has indulged the author’s habit: “Alcohol, moderate alcohol, is one of the things we would probably recommend for people in this situation.

“In general, what’s good for the heart is good for the brain.”

See here.

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Latest and Upcoming Publications by Terry Pratchett

7 Nov 2013: Raising Steam, the 40th book in the Discworld series, released. The Disc's first train comes steaming into town.

11 Apr 2013: The Science of Discworld IV: Judgment Day released, the fourth in the series of the Wizards' adventures on Roundworld.

13 Sep 2012: Dodger released. This is a novel of an alternate Victorian (and Dickensian) London, purportedly for "young adults".

7 June 2012: The World of Poo released. This is a spin-off from Snuff (released in paperback on the same day) and purports to be a childrens' book by the amazing authoress Felicity Beedle. This hardback reproduces the style and production of a typical Victorian/Edwardian book for children and is even signed by the authoress To Young Sam from Felicity Beadle.

21 Jun 2012 - The Long Earth is to be released by Doubleday. This is a Roundworld-based Science Fiction novel written with Stephen Baxter. It features, again, the power of the potato.

13 October 2011 - Snuff is now on sale in British bookstores. The Waterstones Gold edition also sees the bonus publication, at the end of the main story, of the short story "A Collegiate Casting-Out of Devilish Devices", its first outing in permanent book form outside its original ephemeral newspaper publication and reprint on the Internet.

Television:- Feb. 2009. Terry has just completed two one-hour documentaries for the BBC in which a production team shadows him for a year while he lives with the awareness of his Alzheimers' Disease and its implications. Terry goes looking for further information on the disease, the state of research into its causes and possible cures, and into both medical and complementary treatments prescribed to arrest its spread. These should be availabe to watch via the Internet, at least for British viewers, via the BBC's website. No doubt the best bits will be loaded to YouTube for everyone else.

Previous releases:-

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