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Name Malachite Karst
Race Troll
Occupation Assistant of Rhodan
Physical appearance
Residence Ankh-Morpork
Death Stabbed in the back repeatedly with a crowbar by Anu-anu
Parents Mr. and Mrs. Karst
Relatives Therma (adoptive sister)
Marital Status
Books Discworld Noir

Malachite is a particularly big and unintelligent troll who appears in the computer game Discworld Noir. He works for Rhodan, helping him in his workshop.

When Lewton is getting out of Pseudopolis Yard, Malachite appears from the shadows and brings him the case of finding Therma. Lewton learns that Malachite has escaped from his imprisonment and when Lewton finds the dead body of who he thinks Therma is, Malachite says it's not her. Lewton finally makes an appointment with Therma through Sapphire at the Rooftops above Salis and Phebre, but when they get there, Lewton is beaten unconscious and Malachite is killed with Lewton's crowbar.

It is later revealed that Malachite is Therma's brother and that Therma is Carlotta von Überwald. Carlotta and Malachite had broken into the von Überwald Mansion to steal, and when they escaped, Malachite got busted by The Watch, but Carlotta didn't care. She then reinvented herself as Carlotta, married into the von Überwalds, and thought that Malachite would be out of the picture, until Jasper Horst helped Malachite escape to slow down Carlotta on her search for the Tsortese Falchion.