Malicia Grim

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Malicia Grim
Malicia, as drawn by TMOH
Name Malicia Grim
Race Human
Age indeterminate (child)
Physical appearance Red hair, long nose, black dress
Residence Bad Blintz
Parents Mayor Grim, Father, Mother (deceased?)
Relatives Agoniza Grim (Grandmother), Eviscera Grim (Great-Aunt)
Marital Status s
Books The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents

Malicia Grim is a girl who appears exclusively in The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents. She lives in the small town of Bad Blintz with her father, The Mayor and tells the stupid-looking kid she has two step-sisters. She is obsessed with fairy tales and stories, trying to apply Narrativium to everything, and mentioning her famous lineage to anyone who will listen. She is also the kind of girl who asks questions. She rumbles Maurice's scam fairly quickly, but goes on to help him, the educated rodents and the stupid-looking kid.

The Sisters Grim (Agoniza and Eviscera) wrote fairly tales, just like Roundworld's Brothers Grimm and were probably the authors of Grim Fairy Tales featured in Thief of Time.