Marmaric Carding

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Marmaric Carding had the misfortune to be around during the brief reign of Coin the Sourcerer. He was the 17 stone Eighth level Wizard and leader of the Hoodwinkers. In an alliance with the bursar, Spelter he accepted Coin as the new Archchancellor, and when raw magic was sleeting around the Disc, all the wizards at Unseen University found their power increased many-fold. Carding was almost killed when he touched Coin's staff. He was warned that if he should touch it again, he would die.

In Klatch, Abrim had taken the Archchancellor's Hat and set himself up in opposition to the wizards in Ankh-Morpork. The wizards at UU bent their power towards him, and when the Luggage, which had spent the past few days getting drunk and wandering the Klatchian desert, entered the tower in Al-Khali and distracted Abrim, Carding struck, imploding the Vizier.

The resulting feedback destroyed the Klatchian tower and flung Carding across the room. This brought him back to reality, and he realised that the Things from the dreaded Dungeon Dimensions were soon to attack, breaking through to the Disc on account of the vast quantities of magic being expended. Carding panicked, and grabbed the staff. The earlier promise was fulfilled, and Carding died. Horribly.