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Masklin is a major protagonist in the books Truckers and Wings of the Bromeliad series and a major presence in Diggers. Masklin is a nome. At the start of the series he lives in the countryside in England together with among others Grimma, Granny Morkie, Old Torrit (the official Leader since he's the oldest nome) and The Thing.

At the start of Truckers he is disatisfied with his life, feeling that he is imposed upon because of his sense of responsibility, and decides to leave on one of the trucks he sees stopping at the nearby service station. When Grimma points out to him that the others will not survive without him he decides that they will all leave on the truck. The truck goes to The Store where they find many, many more nomes. Unfortunately, when The Thing reveals that The Store is to be demolished he also has to lead the store nomes back into a big outside in which they do not believe.

In Wings, helped by Grandson Richard, 39, Arnsat 1 and The Thing he finds a way to finally get all nomes to their home.

Without himself ever admitting it, or even wanting it, Masklin is a born leader, not because he likes power or to shout a lot, but because he cares about people and he is not able to simply stand around and let things happen. He really wants the other nomes to have a better life. One of his weaknesses is maybe his realistic view of things and an inablility to lie about it - he is simply not able to tell people lies about a bright future when he cannot see one.