Matty Weaver

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It has been noted that when at work, Petulia Gristle becomes self-confident and secure. In I Shall Wear Midnight, this latter tendency appears to have found her a husband, the sort of stolid Lancre pig-farmer who values a woman's ability to tuck a pig under each arm, treat their ailments, and finally convert them to all the things pork is prone to becoming. While there is no record of the marriage, or at least not one available to us, Wintersmith names the young man who has indeed noted her ability to carry a pig under each arm, and who is therefore keen on finding out more about her, as Matty Weaver. It is entirely possible this is the man who later became Mr Gristle. It is stated that his father owns one of the largest piggeries in Lancre and Matty is in line ti inherit, so a woman who is good with pigs would be an asset.