Mr Hong

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An Agatean gentleman remembered only as Mr. Hong chose to set up the Three Jolly Luck Take-Away Fish Bar on the site of a former fish-god temple in Dagon Street and opened on the night of the winter solstice which also happened to be a full moon (see Men at Arms) and a lunar eclipse (The Truth). Reports of what happened then are as varied and contradictory as usual from a crowd of Morporkian witnesses, (which included Mustrum Ridcully, who summarised events as "crack-crack-gristle-AAAARGH!") but certainly the shop disappeared, or most of it, along with Mr Hong, or most of him. As nearly as could be determined, he left behind one kidney and half an earhole.

Since then, Mr. Hong has grown to become the Ankh-Morpork equivalent of a "cautionary urban legend", with several mentions throughout the various books admonishing people to "remember what happened to Mr. Hong."