Mrs Beddowe's House

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This is one of the houses at the Assassins' Guild school. The current head of house is the Quirmian tutor Mousier le Balourd.

Like Houses B2 and C1 Mrs Beddowe's House was one of the original student houses in the guild. Unlike to other two, this house was originally for scholarship students, who were not allowed living quarters within the guild, but had to lodge in the city, as befit their lowly status.

In more modern times, the scholarship pupils are now houses within the guild grounds, (partly due to many of their number been very good at their profession and achieving senior posts within the guild), though the house keeps its old name (a trait it shares with the oldest Order of wizardry at the Unseen University, Mrs Widgery's Lodgers).

List of current and past members of Mrs Beddowe's House: