Nijel the Destroyer

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Nijel the Destroyer
Nijel the Destroyer, as drawn by Ed Gedeon
Name Nijel , son of Harebut.
Race human
Age late teens in Sourcery
Occupation Barbarian Hero on the accelerated seven-day course.
Physical appearance Let down by his habit of wearing thermal underwear under the loincloth ("I promised my mother")
Residence no fixed abode, although his parents probably keep his bedroom for him, exactly as he left it.
Death Saved from this by Conina, who has taken a liking to him.
Parents Harebut the Provision Merchant and wife.
Marital Status Presumed to have made an honest hairdresser of Conina
Books Sourcery

Six-feet plus of rippling skin and bone, possibly weighing seven stone in his loincloth. This, along with the thermal undies visible under the obligatory loincloth, tends to spoil the effect of a rugged barbarian hero, as does the tendency to allow his sword to stick in the ceiling when attempting a Triple Orc-Flip (reference to Chapter Seven). Indeed, his reliance on the manual, at inappropriate moments, also tends to dispel the illusion somewhat.

Fortunately, just as he begins to realise that the world of the barbarian hero is not the clean and simple place he had fondly imagined when the most exciting thing in his life involved stacking crates of parsnips, he arouses Conina's protective instinct, which saves his life on numerous occasions. By the end of Sourcery, it is clear that quantum physics has obliged the couple with a private two-person universe.

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