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A hapless captain in the Agatean Army, whose last command, issued by Lord Fang, was to get out there and investigate that damned noise of sawing and hammering, as I can't hear myself think.

Nong, alas, disturbed whatever unspecified mating rituals take place between two consenting Luggages in order to create little Luggages. As most zoologists will tell you, interrupting an alpha male during the mating season (or indeed coming in between a female of the species and her young) leads to trouble, especially if the species is known for its irritability.

While Nong is possibly the only person to have witnessed whatever it is a Mummy Luggage and a Daddy Luggage have to do to create baby Luggages, he is, alas, in no position to fill this gap in human knowledge.

Nong is Luggaged to death in Interesting Times.