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Orakh is an alcoholic beverage with a difference, made from cacti sap enlivened with fermented scorpion venom and maybe the most toxic alcoholic drink in the multiverse. It is favoured by certain desert tribes in Klatch, in that it mitigates the effects of Klatchian Coffee, which of course induces a state of knurdness in the drinker.

Just as Highland whisky snobs will insist the only way to dilute whisky is to have seperate glasses of Scotch and water and take alternate sips from each, the serious Klatchian Coffee drinker will order his thimble-sized cup of coffee with an Orakh chaser. This isn't an affectation, it is the only way to safely take the effects of the coffee in measured, moderate, increments.

The Luggage did not know this when, lovelorn, it walked into a tavern on the edge of Al-Khali and started mugging people for drinks. Therefore the tavern keeper spent a long and very lonely night providing drinks, poured immoderately into a saucer, for the Luggage to lap up.

The effect on the Luggage was for it to go out in a blazing hot desert with a foul hangover and make two rare species of wildlife (the chimera and the basilisk) even rarer. A hapless alligator was a discourtesy detail.