Palace of the Seven Deserts

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Mentioned in The Colour of Magic, this is a palace somewhere on the Disc, in a nation ruled by an Emir. Nothing else is known about the Palace of the Seven Deserts, but based on the name (and name of its ruler) it is possible it is somewhere in Klatch.

Goldeneyes Silverhand Dactylos was summoned to build this palace for the Emir (this was after he had built a tomb for Pitchiu and lost his eyes as a result). He did a very good job, and so the Emir showered him with silver- and then had his right hand cut off. However, with Dactylos's knowledge of levers and fulcrums, he was easily able to build a hand out of the silver that sufficed him- enough to carry on to build the Light Dams in the Great Nef and the Potent Voyager in Krull.