Peach Pie Street

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A very small slice of the city separates the Patrician's Palace from the center of magical power at the University(1). There are three roads between the University and the river, and only the length of The Maul to the palace. Magic and political power, however, both leak, and The Backs and Peach Pie Street need to be prepared for things that go odd in the night. Peach Pie Street is the middle of these three streets, below The Backs and hubward of the more conventional Street of Alchemists.

The name? It probably used to be something that sounded a little like "Peach Pie", once. In Ankh-Morpork, no one remembers twenty years ago, let alone two thousand.

Peach Pie Street (and Treacle Mine Road) now exist in Roundworld - a case of life imitates art.

(1) Usually the dining table in the Great Hall.