Pink PussyCat Club

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Pink PussyCat Club
Name The Pink PussyCat Club
Use Stripclub
Residents Professor Flead (Front Row, Center)
Founded by
Books Thud!
Making Money

An Ankh-Morpork stripclub. Nobby Nobbs's one-time girl friend Tawneee was working there when first encountered in Thud!.

At the close of Making Money, the business was thriving, due to the invention of paper money. The ghost of Professor Flead currently haunts seat seven (front row, centre).

While another named strip club in the city is the Skunk Club on Brewer Street, patrons looking for a night out are advised that the Blue Cat Club is a feline of a different hue entirely, and best left to its regular patrons, unless of course you are a person of extremely catholic taste.

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