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Places where alcoholic or species-specific intoxicating beverages may be purchased.

Discworld pubs and bars include the following, all named in the stories so far. Please note that the The Compleat Ankh-Morpork lists a total of two hundred and twenty-eight public houses in the City of Ankh-Morpork, and the interested or dedicated drinker is advised to go to this most illuminating gazetteer. This total excludes wine bars such as the Café Ankh, hotels or restaurants where alcohol is served, and nightclubs such as the Blue Cat Club. The directory in The Compleat Ankh-Morpork also excludes most Troll and Dwarf bars, although humans tend to be welcome in most provided they are escorted by a known member of the appropriate species. (and, in the case of Dwarf bars, if they do not make unfortunate remarks about "just a half, thanks", or "low dive, isn't it?")

For brevity's sake, this list will feature only those that have appeared in the canonical books to date. Or else have such in interesting or entertaining story attached that's worth re-telling! A statistic quoted in I Shall Wear Midnight suggested that there are over three hundred pubs in the city. Unless the speaker was including New Ankh, this is perhaps exaggeration.

Other species have their liquid, or at least molten, intoxicants.

A typical hang-out for Trolls is the Cavern Club in Ankh-Morpork. Molten lava to drink, ear-meltingly loud rock music, cheese 'n' chutney flavoured gravel, and so on, mean that these establishments are generally for trolls only.

There are also dwarf bars, which are welcoming or at least tolerant of humans, but it is vitally important not to make unfortunate comments about "low dives", and do seek to avoid ordering a half. Dwarf bars are good places to sing of gold and go quaffing, but be advised that roistering may ensue. The Dirty Rat, the Miner's Arms and the Axe and Bottle are typical Dwarf bars.

More upmarket wine and cocktail bars include Thank Gods It's Open!, and the Café Ankh.