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The Quisition of Omnia was an organisation before the time of the Prophet Brutha with the holy mission of purifying the ungodly and expurgating sin. They perform this civic service by means of lovingly designed implements of torture.

To those who objected to the use of torture, the Quisition replied that they were only doing the will of the Great God Om - for if He allowed them to do it, he must want them to do it, therefore it must be all right. So there. Those who pursued this line of argument were granted a free tour of the Quisition torture chambers and given an unrivalled opportunity to get really up close and personal with the implements in question.

Before its abolition by Brutha, the Quisition was headed by Vorbis, who bore the title of Exquisitor.


Based, no doubt, on the Spanish Inquisition (16th to 19th c.) of infamous - and somewhat exaggerated memory. It should also be observed that monotheism while well known for persecuting 'heretics' was not unique in its demands for religious conformity; ask Socrates.

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