Ray Comely

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Sergeant Ray Comely is a stalwart of the Blackbury police force. In accordance with the principles of morphic resonance which echo throughout the Multiverse, he is clearly the local incarnation of Fred Colon. There is also an un-named police constable in the Blackbury force who shows promising signs of being its Nobby Nobbs.

They display masterly inaction during the strange events which occurred over Hallowe'en in and around the Blackbury cemetery, and Comely's personal grievance against Bigmac concerning the latter's habit of harvesting unattended vehicles comes to the fore.

In the opinion of Comeley, every unsolved crime in town could be pinned on Bigmac, who is Public Enemy Number One. Comeley is incapable of mastering the international police alphabet, and when, as PC Comely, he visited the local school to talk about crime prevention to Johnny's class, he managed to lock himself into his own handcuffs.

The clincher is that Comeley is also a man accused of the heinous crime of Morris Dancing - as a member of the Blackbury Morris Men, he has actually been seen, in public, with bells tied to his knees and waving two hankies in the air. Maybe the signals leaking between phases of the multiversal continuinuinuum got just a little tangled at this point while trying to cross the dimensions, and a little Nobby Nobbs crept in....