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Ankh-Morpork has more than its fair share of restaurants, catering for all tastes. There are the normal restaurants for Humans (from the eat-all-you-can, low class, such as Sham Harga's House of Ribs to the very high class, such as that referred to in Hogfather where they make the vegetables cost more by cutting them into smaller pieces), rodent-based restaurants catering for the huge dwarf population (exemplified by the Delicatessen run by Gimlet and his newly opened Yo Rat! enterprises), and more specialised restaurants for the various undead species, for Trolls, and even for Goblins.

However, it is in Genua where restaurants are truly a marvellous experience. The food is incredible, and the drinks unbelievable.

Additional Ankh-Morpork Restaurants

Other Ankh-Morpork restaurants and eateries mentioned in The Compleat Ankh-Morpork include:

  • Three Small Full Bowls on Fringe Alley, Isle of Gods - an Agatean Pig's ear soup and noodle bar.