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Sektober is a month of the Discworld calendar roughly analogous to our September/October. It is preceded by Spune and succeeded by Ember. With harvest largely over, this is the time to prepare for winter, check your beehives are protected against the ravages of winter, to ring your pigs, and plant beans and barley. At sea, eels will be plentiful and as they smoke well, are easier to catch as they quickly run out of breath and start coughing. The constellation and sign of Crabbus rules the heavens. The month may well be named in honour of the god Seven-Handed Sek.

The duck-hunting season starts this month. As it is traditionally associated with people bringing out badly-maintained crossbows that have not been used since the previous Sektober, to be operated by people who are out of practice but who think they are competent with a crossbow, this month is propitious for manufacturers of surgical bandages, prosthetic limbs and glass eyes..