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Sheepridge is what passes for a major town on the widdershins end of Octarine Grass Country, not far from The Chalk and the upper Ankh.

In Mort, it's the town where Mort is hired by Death as an apprentice, surprisingly at an apprentice fair and at the stroke of midnight. The town has a tavern run by the Lifton family and a smithy owned by Ned Simnel. The most impressive feature of Sheepridge is the town clock where little figures emerge to strike the hour from their little house. There is also a small cemetery, though people in these parts are so long-lived that it was said that they had to hit someone over the head with a spade before they could bury anyone. Various shops for the farming classes can be found in the main square, and there is an ornamental clock tower.

During the events of Reaper Man the town had some excitement when a mysterious stranger called Bill Door rode into town to take the reaping job at Miss Flitworth's farm...

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