Short Story:Thud-A Historical Perspective

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Treatise and rules from the Discworld Emporium

Thud-A Historical Perspective, a treatise written by Sir Terry Pratchett.


Thud-A Historical Perspective is Discworld short story that was written in order to accompany the newly released Thud: The Discworld Board Game by Trevor Truran in 2002, which later went on to inspire the book of the same name: Thud!. When a new edition of the game was acquired and produced by the Discworld Emporium, Thud-A Historical Perspective was released as an extra along with each copy of the game.

The contents of the story detail the origins of the game, the instances that led to the (first) Battle of Koom Valley and the context that game carries in the modern day, as well as the hope that it will replace war between Dwarfs and Trolls (though not petty violence, but it's better than war).

Thud on the Discworld Emporium