Silicon Anti-Defamation League

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An interest group run by trolls to reduce discrimination against trolls and to promote an image of the modern city trolls being good citizens and good neighbors. Specific strategies include educating trolls not to try to eat humans (which are indigestible to trolls in any case), protest police brutality by troll Watch officers, and so on (in Feet of Clay). An earlier strategy that did not work well was by way of beating up the people who said trolls would beat up people.

The Silicon Anti-Defamation League is sometimes believed to be a front for the Breccia, a troll crime syndicate in Ankh-Morpork (see The Discworld Companion). This belief is unsubstantiated and, since Breccia itself is not a very efficient organization, it is doubtful that a front will be of any help.


Another sparkling Discworlderisation of a Roundworld reality: in the U.S.A., the Sicilian Anti-Defamation League, an organisation set up to fight anti-Italian prejudice in the USA and to present Italian-Americans in the best possible light, ie "we don't ALL belong to the Mafia". Unfortunately, certain leading Italian-American families, of knowledge, influence, honor and above all of Sicilian origin, soon gained control of the SADL...