Slippery Back

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Slippery Back is an Ankh-Morpork street found at reference G7 of the new expanded City Mappe. Slippery Back runs off Quarry Lane parellel to The Scours to the intersection with Crab and Sausage Lane (*G7). Crossing Crab and Sausage and continuing along Loop Alley(*G7), the walker arrives at The Pitts immediately opposite the Balancing Monks' Hospital. This fits Roundworld experience, as the Igorina Clinic is located on Slippery Back. In most major cities, particularly in Great Britain, hospitals and their supporting infrastructure tend to cluster closely together - research facilities, private clinics, small specialist practitioners, medical supply stores*, specialist medical bookshops, fruitsellers, florists and funeral directors are all part of the greater whole. Even for Igorinas, having at least one major hospital within shouting, or lurching, distance must act as an insurance policy for those rare occasions where help is needed. Besides, Balancing Monks is bound to have resident Igors/Igorinas for second or third opinions.

  • A nearby street is called Positary Way