Soul Cake Duck

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Soul Cake Duck
Soulduck index.jpg
Name The Soul Cake (Tuesday) Duck
Race Supernatural entity
Occupation Personification of Soul Cake Tuesday
Physical appearance A duck that is big, bright and easy to shoot.
Marital Status
Books Soul Music, Hogfather

The Soul Cake Duck is a minor (or at least not noticeably powerful) supernatural entity, the anthropomorphic personification of Soul Cake Tuesday, which curiously also marks the start of duck-hunting season. The first duck to appear on Soul Cake Tuesday is considered very lucky, but perhaps only to someone who would like a duck dinner, not the first duck itself. The Soul Cake Duck is rumored to be paranoid beyond sanity and generally in a very bad mood.

Soul Cake Tuesday seems to bear some relationship to All Hallow's Eve on Roundworld, where Soul Cake also exists[1]. Like the Easter Bunny on Roundworld, the Soul Cake Duck is associated with sweets and something called "trickle-treating." It lays edible eggs[2] of a more confectionery variety than the usual duck egg.

In Hogfather, the assassin Jonathan Teatime reveals that he often used to lie awake in bed at night and think of ways to kill, not only the Hogfather, but also the Tooth Fairy and the Soul Cake Tuesday Duck. The Soul Cake Duck is also mentioned in The Discworld Companion.