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  • |title=Paul Kidby |photo=Paul Kidby.jpg|240px|
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  • |illustrator=[[Paul Kidby]] ...ts inhabitants, who had gathered to watch her burn), the world will end on a Saturday. Next Saturday, in fact. So the Armies of Good and Evil are massin
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  • |cast=Paul Kaye, Andrew Ryan Starring {{wp|Paul Kaye|Paul Kaye}} as Terry, the film is told in his own words with assistance from [[N
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  • |title=Discworld and Beyond-''A Retrospective'' |illustrator=[[Paul Kidby]]
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  • |cover=[[File:Dodger Cover.jpg|thumb|240px|Cover by [[Paul Kidby]]]] ...A scruffy lad sees a girl leap desperately from a horse-drawn carriage, in a vain attempt to escape her captors. Can the lad stand by and let her be cau
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  • |title=Death's Domain: A Discworld Mapp |coauthors=[[Paul Kidby]]
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  • |illustrator=[[Paul Kidby]] '''''The Pratchett Portfolio''''' is a collection of [[Paul Kidby]]'s [[Discworld]] art with commentary by [[Terry Pratchett]], which w
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  • |coauthors=[[Rob Wilkins]], [[Rhianna Pratchett]], [[Paul Kidby]] |illustrator=[[Paul Kidby]]
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  • |cover=[[File:Cover Night Watch.jpg|thumb|240px|Cover art by Paul Kidby]] He was respected. He had a titanium cigar case. He was about to become a father.
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  • |cover=[[File:Cover Monstrous Regiment.jpg|thumb|240px|Cover art by Paul Kidby]] It was a sudden strange fancy...<br>
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  • |cover=[[File:Cover snuff.jpg|thumb|240px|Cover art by Paul Kiby]] |illustrator=Paul Kidby
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  • |cover=[[File:SOD.jpg|240px|thumb|Cover by Paul Kidby]] |illustrator=[[Paul Kidby]]
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  • |title=A Hat Full of Sky |cover=[[File:Cover A Hat Full of Sky.jpg|thumb|240px|Cover art by Paul Kidby]]
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  • |cover=[[File:UnseenAcademicals.jpg|thumb|240px|Cover art by Paul Kidby]] |illustrator=Paul Kidby
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  • |cover=[[File:ISWM.jpg|240px|thumb|Cover art by Paul Kidby]] |illustrator=Paul Kidby
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  • |cover=[[File:RaisingSteam.jpg|240px|Cover art by Paul Kidby]] |illustrator=[[Paul Kidby]]
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  • GURPS Discworld is a role-playing game, in the form of several source-books, that allows players ...ting. It was created by Steve Jackson Games and first published in 1986 at a time when most such systems were story- or genre-specific.
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  • |cover=[[Image:SODII.jpg|240px|thumb|Cover by Paul Kidby]] |illustrator=[[Paul Kidby]]
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  • |cover=[[File:Cover The Last Hero.jpg|thumb|240px|Cover art by Paul Kidby]] |illustrator=[[Paul Kidby]]
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  • |illustrator=[[Paul Kidby]] A new version of {{G!G!}} with illustrations by [[Paul Kidby]].
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  • |cover=[[File:Going Postal First.jpg|thumb|250px|Cover art by Paul Kidby]] |illustrator= Paul Kidby
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  • ...scworld & Pratchett Wiki:Getting started|Getting started]] guide to become a valued contributor in minutes. Then [[Special:UserLogin|sign in]] and start * [[Discworld & Pratchett Wiki:Places|Places]]: Agatea to Zambingo, even a Place Where The Sun Does Not Shine
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  • |cover=[[File:Cover Making Money.jpg|thumb|Cover art by Paul Kidby]] |illustrator=Paul Kidby
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  • |cover=[[File:The Wee Free Men.jpg|thumb|220px|Cover art by Paul Kidby]] ...the Queen of the Fairies (although Tiffany doesn't think this is entirely a bad thing).
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  • |relatives= [[Paul Perks]], brother; Cousin Vlopo., and even after she was found out for a woman, she fought to stay on as a soldier. She was allowed to do so primarily owing to the intervention of th
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  • |cover=[[File:Cover Wintersmith.JPG|thumb|240px|Cover art by Paul Kidby]] ...e third [[Tiffany Aching]] book and the first Discworld novel to appear in a year.
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  • |cover= [[File:tsc.jpg|240px|thumb|Cover art by Paul Kidby]] |illustrator=Paul Kidby
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  • |illustrator=[[Paul Kidby]] ...not knowing, combining all the information from the previous diaries into a single collection.
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  • ...on]], illustrated by [[Paul Kidby]], and with text by [[Terry Pratchett]]. A set of fifteen was originally planned but this was expanded to 22 during pr ...r cards are slightly different from the later sets as the rear reads 'from a set of fifteen' rather than 22, also the [[Luggage]] card has the Waterston
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  • |illustrator=[[Paul Kidby]] ...the novels and short stories, it features three hundred illustrations by [[Paul Kidby]], including forty-one new drawings for this edition. The special "Du
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  • ...ifficulties and so it became a fact of life that Polly had to take care of Paul from an early age. And so when he went missing in action after being conscr, and possibly in some kind of relationship with [[Shufti Manickle]], a former squad mate of Polly in the [[Tenth Foot]].
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  • ...ok covers, maps and other pieces of artwork mainly by [[Josh Kirby]] and [[Paul Kidby]]. Art by [[Paul Kidby]].
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  • ...ring, night-watchman at the Royal Art Museum receives a nasty surprise, is a deliberate parody of Dan Brown's mystery thrillers of the ''Da Vinci Code'' ...cover of the 1921 F.A. Cup Final programme, which features...guess what... a robed and barefoot Goddess of Football, the winged angel standing bare of f
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  • ...Narrativia]]. It has been variously described as a "Pratchett-style CSI," "a punk rock thriller" and "cyberpunk." ...lised]], ''The Watch'' is a uniquely anarchic drama. The series centres on a group of misfit cops as they rise up from decades of helplessness to save t
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  • |illustrator=[[Paul Kidby]] ...seful for a young woman to become proficient in those arts which will keep a weak-willed man from straying. Learning to cook is also useful.''
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  • |cover=[[File:SOD3.jpg|thumb|240px|Cover art by Paul Kidby]] ...rid the planet of a plague of elves, who attempted to divert humanity onto a different time track.
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  • |title=All The Discworld's A Stage |cover=[[File:DiscStage.jpg|240px|thumb|Cover art by Paul Kidby]]
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  • want to sell the cemetery as a building site. But the dead have learned a thing or two from Johnny. They're not going to take it lying down... especi than it was when they were...well...alive. Particularly if they break a few rules...
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  • |illustrator=[[Paul Kidby]] The second collection of [[Paul Kidby]] Discworld artwork, {{AOD}} includes commentary on the artwork by bo
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  • |cover=[[File:Folklore.jpg|thumb|240px|Cover art by [[Paul Kidby]]]] |illustrator=Paul Kidby
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  • |cover=[[File:SC PLay.jpg|thumb|240px|Cover art by Paul Kidby]] |illustrator=Paul Kidby
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  • |cover=[[File:Dodger's Guide.jpg|thumb|240px|Cover art by Paul Kidby]] |illustrator=[[Paul Kidby]]
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  • ...erent from straight readings of the novels, e.g. audio books, as they have a full cast to play the characters and only dialogue is read. The plays have ...Thomas E. Fuller; in exchange for the rights to adapt this book ARTC made a donation to [[Orangutan Foundation|Orangutan Foundation International]].
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  • ...nced thieves are wise not to try and push their luck) is also described as a riot of rococo carving by Gibbons. ...ons, described as "not a happy man", committed quite a messy suicide using a spokeshave.
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  • |illustrator=[[Paul Kidby]] '''Terry Pratchett: HisWorld A Brief Guide to Discworld''' also called '''The Little Blue Book''', was pri
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  • .... Interestingly, the Lincolns were also known as "The Poachers", partly as a reference to their rural recruiting ground, and partly because of the song '' 'tis my delight on a shining night...''
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  • ;Page 8 (all editions):This is a reworking of the Prometheus fable on Roundworld, with Fingers Mazda taking ...he game is over. And of course on page 18, Cohen himself is represented as a playing piece complete with moulded-on base... The scene also bears some re
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  • |cover=[[File:Thud!.jpg|thumb|240px|Cover art by Paul Kidby]] ...hed the dwarfs, or the dwarfs ambushed the trolls. It was far away. It was a long time ago. But if he doesn't solve the murder of just one dwarf, Comman
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  • |occupation=Butler<BR>A Member of the City Watch [[Specials]] ...imes's uncouth habits. Though Vimes remains uneasy with the idea of having a servant, he seems to have accepted the idea.
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  • ...u thought sardines were huge and scaly. And presumably, somewhere, there's a key ... ...who will heroically slay the dragon and became the city's king, to act as a puppet ruler for the Elucidated Brethren.
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  • ...rge, pink-faced, with a few strands of hair teased across his head; smokes a big cigar |relatives= a grandson & granddaughter<br />
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  • ...released in a smaller hardback format than the previous Discworld novels, a format which was used up to and including {{HFOS}}. :Imagine a million clever rats.<br/>
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  • which a mix-up at a hospital causes the Antichrist to be brought up as a perfectly normal kid with bizarre consequences as he develops his special t ...a movie of this book if those with the money and inclination to make such a thing possible were not as rare as [[Klatchian Mist]].
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  • ...ot of suffering and human misery even before Guild founder Monsieur [[Jean-Paul Pune]] bought the land. Adding to the sum total of accumulated misery, the ...reaction for the audience is horror and unease. During emergencies such as a fire, the clowns continue their supposedly funny assaults on their colleagu
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  • * [ Terry Pratchett Books] - A very active forum with members from around the world. Main page also includ * [ Planet afp] - A collection of afpers' weblogs.
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  • |photo= Tiffany Aching.png|Tiffany Aching by Paul Kidby ...e hat) preferring blue or green. Has a silver necklace of the Horse (later a golden hare necklace).
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  • ...f the "man" in the middle is a personal insult. She is therefore evidently a Woman of Opinions. She is also house mistress of the all-female [[Black Wi ...hes, and a note excusing them from gym classes. Madame Deux-Epeés was such a one, whose Guild membership was retrospectively approved so as to avoid emb
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  • Gameplay is divided into 4 Acts. There are many locations to explore and a multitude of obstacles in Rincewind's path to overcome. Conversations with borrows from a number of Discworld books, but the plot is essentially a mesh of {{RM}} and {{MP}}.
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  • ...hat did not make it into the book as well as ideas that could have been in a possible sequel. ...duction; the plot of this season would be based off of notes written about a possible sequel to the book which had the working title of '668: The Neighb
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  • |photo= Pond2a.jpg|240px|''© Paul Kidby'' |marital status= Never married but '''''may''''' have had a holiday romance of the shuffling and slightly embarrassed "''...errrm....''
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  • ...magazine, ''Books Quarterly no. 29'' (For non-UK readers, Waterstones are a major British bookselling chain) there is an four-page feature where Terry ...otball, whose absurdities and pomposities and prima donnas really deserve a duffing-over!
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  • |appearance= A rat skeleton wearing a black robe, wielding a very small scythe needs guidance to the next world. The Death of Rats was once merely a part of [[Death]] himself, but after the events of ''[[Book:Reaper Man|Reap
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  • |size= not measured but only a few miles across. from the [[Boys' Island]] at the time, leaving his boy's soul behind in a traditional rite of passage. Nation would later become inhabited again by r
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  • ...breaking into their house while they are away, and then redecorating it in a truly tasteless and appalling style using cheap and nasty materials. ...all the above but also a lot of teeth and a voice capable of cracking open a safe.
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  • ...woman on a blue field strategically covered by a bend sinister resembling a large saw blade. ...c. According to ''[[The Discworld Companion]]'', there is no such thing as a professional conjuror in Ankh-Morpork, and the Guild consists of hobbyists.
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  • ...ecognize Death. Mort's infatuation with Keli causes him to spare her life a short time later on his first solo mission. Instead of taking Keli's soul, ...story, Keli's distant ancestor had in fact been a barbarian raider who led a tribe and conquered the area now known as Sto Lat.
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  • ...mably all-female [[Raven House]]. An inferred detail is that she is one of a group of female teachers, only three of whom are named in the canon, who we ...n matron in her possible late fifties, dourly unattractive, with more than a passing hint in face, dress and demeanour, of the famed nineteenth-century
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  • |cover=[[File:SOD4 Hardback.jpg|240px|thumb|Cover art by [[Paul Kidby]]]] A new Discworld story from Terry Pratchett.
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  • |photo=LordDowney.jpg|Picture Credit: [[Paul Kidby]] ...m the insulting nickname of "Dog-botherer". Vetinari got his vengeance, in a [[Greville-Pipe|quite interesting manner]] in {{NW}}.
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  • ...e only other things known with any certainty about her are that she makes a remarkable [[Distressed Pudding]] and can do amazing things with cheese. ''Mrs Nobbs is a mistress of all those dishes that make you think of fog and coal smoke - li
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  • ...and once operated a Web store, [[|]], selling a range of Discworld items. (However, cmotdibbler has not been available for our suspicions about the civil service) but he now describes himself as a <u>former</u> civil servant. He was born in Oxford and lives there still.
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  • ...He is a thin figure with icicles for hair and a nose, if the drawing by [[Paul Kidby]] is anything to go by. He apparently never sleeps,as was his respons ...also draws paisley patterns. They may look like fern patterns, but there's a difference.
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  • ...Lane''' runs from [[Sticken Place]] to the [[Fiveways]] and can be seen as a widdershins extension of [[Chittling Street]]. Sticken Place stands at the ...of rocks and gravels. In the same way, a troll with a shovel can recognize a great big pile of doodah, but will just shrug disinterestedly as he clears
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  • ...ried but the union has been regretfully childless. Ruby also reputably has a punch that even Detritus himself fears. ...rick]], an adolescent male troll with no known parents, who has so far led a troubled life which has aroused Detritus' paternal instinct (expressed in t
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  • ...of a coffin. When bored, he goes to public places such as the restroom in a hospital, and tries to infect people with various diseases (in {{TOT}}). ...appeared early in the series when the Four Horsemen were described having a card game at [[Death]]'s house (in {{TLF}}).
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  • |illustrator=[[Paul Kidby]] ...h-Morpork Federation of Scouts" in {{BS}}, to then becoming characters and a playable Assassins' Guild House in [[Discworld MUD]].
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  • ...ised, written by [[Stephen Briggs]]. The remainder of the booklet contains a list of locations on the map shown by grid reference. ...ns to be illustrated by [[Stephen Player]] rather than [[Josh Kirby]] or [[Paul Kidby]].
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  • |cover=[[File:Rince_cycle.jpg|240px|thumb|Cover art by Paul Kidby]] the collection [[Book:All The Discworld's A Stage|''All The Discworld's A Stage'']] released the same year.
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  • ...or a play on words is often spoken by Discworld characters when they tell a not very funny joke based on word play. One particular pune that appears a lot on the [[Discworld]] is [[A leopard can't change his shorts]].
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  • |The contents of the Ankh-Morpork History monk privy is emptied into a volcano ...sunbathe on the banks of the river Ankh and the first street is formed as a bamboo replica by Qu performing time experiments
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  • |illustrator=[[Paul Kidby]]<br/>Bernard Pearson<br/>Sheila Watkins ...e, and a reliable means of ensuring fertility or crops and livestock. Also a boon companion in the affairs of the heart and health.
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  • |title=The Ankh-Morpork Archives A Discworld Anthology: Volume One |illustrator=[[Paul Kidby]]
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  • |title=A Tourist Guide To Lancre |illustrator=[[Paul Kidby]]
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  • There was a flash of light, the air flickered... and the world changed. It's May 21, 19 But there's more to Mrs Tachyon than a squeaky trolley and a bunch of dubious black bags. Somehow she holds the key to different times,
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  • * [[Paul Spencer Wagoner]] dog. With a jaundiced view of the human race. Called Brian. Is he also a Family Guy?
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  • |occupation= soldier, now a barmaid ...h Foot]] in order to find the father of her unborn child, who ran off with a six-pence piece that he was supposed have shared with her.
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  • ...alking and Malicious Loitering, which when you think about it is something a vampire would be quite good at.
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  • ...ilar to [[Clarecraft]]. The models are primarily based on the artwork of [[Paul Kidby]]. ...esigned as a supplement to [[Game:The Witches A Discworld Game|The Witches A Discworld Game]]
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  • |title=The Ankh-Morpork Archives A Discworld Anthology: Volume Two |illustrator=[[Paul Kidby]]
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  • ...he Soul of the Forest]]. Seeing either of these will entitle the shaman to a different title. ...remember again", and some other things. He is featured in a painting by [[Paul Kidby]] as published in ''[[Book:The Last Hero|The Last Hero]]''.
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  • Twelve-year-old Johnny receives a pirate edition of the new video game ''Only You Can Save Mankind'' from his In 1996, Only You Can Save Mankind was adapted into a three-part radio drama on BBC Radio 4. Adapted by Bob Hescott, directed by
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  • von Lipwig]] concerning the dangers of the [[Maquis]]. The town is now a stop on the [[Fierté de Quirm Line]] and the next stop before Quirm city i in Southern France, perhaps most famous as the birthplace of painter Paul Cézanne.
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  • ...amed in honour of [[Bouncy Normo]], the world's funniest clown, it acts as a repository for some of the Discworld's oldest and most precious joke books. ...r M. [[Jean-Paul Pune]]'s masterwork on the nature of humour, ''[[Essay on a form of wit]]''.
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  • |illustrator=[[Paul Kidby]] ...diary has been copied to the main Fools' Guild article and has sparked off a lot of sub-articles, where the people, incidents, customs, traditions or de
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  • ...and his extraordinary body of work. Contributors include [[Neil Gaiman]], A.S. Byatt, Terry Pratchett's literary agent [[Colin Smythe]], co-author of t *A.S. Byatt
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  • '''''' is a website founded in 1995 by Sandra and Jo Kidby. Formerly known as PJSM Prin ...h Sir Terry's coat of arms and/or signed. Also does not have a physical store unlike the Discworld Emporium.
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  • three 40 minute episodes on CBBC. The DVD release condensed these into a single 'movie.' *Paul Copley: [[Sergeant Bourke]]
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