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Name Stinky
Race Goblin
Age unknown
Occupation Watchman, Clacks Operator, Petty Thief
Physical appearance Small and slightly hobbled from a badly set broken leg
Marital Status
Books Snuff

Stinky is one of the goblins in the City Watch novel Snuff. He is first seen on the property of Constable Feeney Upshot after the arrest of Sam Vimes in connection with the suspected murder of Jethro Jefferson. Stinky was the first to ask the venerable watchmen for "JUST-ICE!"

His name comes from his absolute stink. Sam Vimes noted that it wasn't so much a smell as a sensation of your dental enamel evaporating.

There are definite hints that there's more to Stinky than meets the eye; he knows things he couldn't possibly know, and alludes to being a protector of sorts for the goblin race in general. He shows extreme resilience to physical damage, surviving what should have been a fatal injury at the hands (well, feet) of the infamous Stratford, by whom he was crushed underfoot and supposedly killed.

He is also at one point made a probationary special constable of the Shire Watch, and is the first goblin watchman on the Disc. In this capacity, he is also the only known goblin to accept a shortened name; most goblins consider their full names a sign of honour, with short names suggesting at a goblin who has been dishonoured in some manner, but Stinky accepts his shorter name as he recognizes that Constable Upshot needed something he could yell on short notice to request or warn Stinky of danger. However, please note that he was being called (and resignedly recognising it as a soubriquet) the name Stinky for some considerable time before having been made such.

He also becomes an operator of the newly erected clacks tower: while he does not know how to read, he is quick to learn the letters by their shapes.

His ability to communicate with animals gives him the skills of a horse whisperer. When Sam Vimes — with reluctance bordering on fear — needed to mount a fast horse to chase after the murderer, Stinky calmed the horse and got it to kneel for Vimes to straddle it with ease.

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