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Name Stinky
Race Goblin
Age unknown
Occupation Watchmen, Clacks Operator, Petty Thief
Physical appearance Small and slightly hobbled from a badly set broken leg
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Books Snuff
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Stinky is first found on the property of Feeney Upshot after the arrest of Sam Vimes in connection with the suspected murder of Jethro Jefferson. His name comes from his absolute stink. Sam Vimes noted that it wasn't so much a smell as a sensation of your dental enamel evaporating. Stinky was the first to ask the venerable watchmen for "JUST-ICE!"

He becomes the first of the Goblins to become an officer in the Shire. He also becomes an operator of the newly erected Clacks tower although he does not know how to read, as he is a quick learner.

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