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DVD Cover

Johnny and the Dead was the first TV adaptation of Terry Pratchett's Johnny Maxwell series. It was released in 1995 and produced by London Weekend Television.


The plot follows the same storyline as Johnny and the Dead.


Aired as four 30 minutes episodes. Released on Video in 1995 and on DVD in 2007, though the DVD was only released in the US.


Jotham Annan: Yo-Less

George Baker: Thomas Bowler

Brian Blessed: William Stickers

Paul Child: Bigmac

Andrew Falvey: Johnny Maxwell

John Grillo: Antonio Vicente

Harry Landis: Solomon Einstein

Jane Lapotaire: Sylvia Liberty

Ray Lonnen: James Bowler

Charlie Watts: Wobbler

Geoffrey Whitehead: Addison Fletcher

Arthur Whybrow: Grandfather Maxwell

Tina Martin: Mrs. Maxwell

Barrie Houghton: Eric Grimm


Soundtrack CD Cover

The soundtrack to the series was released by Weekend in 1995, credited to Stefan Girandet.