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A version probably more to mainstream taste than the more austere and medicinal Long Lake Brose...

Chalk Hill Brose

Take 3/4 bottle of oates, rolled or chopped, yet not too floury. In a large bowl, add 1-1/2 bottles of water, a pinch of salt, a sprigge of thyme (not too much) and as much sweet basil as you will. Stirre and cover closely and leave for a daye. When welle soaked, put the porridge in a cheesecloth and squeeze out the liquid. Let this stand in a bottle for another daye and pour off some of the clear water atte the top to leave about 5/8 bottle of oat milk. Add to this one quarter of a bottle of honey and a splash of heavy cream.

Meanwhile, decante a bottle of whisky* into a larger bottle with the zeste of four goode-sized oranges and 1/4 c toasted anise seeds. Leave this corked for two days, shaking occasionally. When the two mixtures are readey, strain the bottle of scented whisky into one bottle of oat liquor and serve cool in quaichs or nog cups.

.* Do not use the eighteen-year-old Talisker here; a cheap, flavorful blende with lots of caramel will do. Take care, however, thatte your whisky contain no "e"s! There's no telling what's in thatte "whiskey". Special Sheep Liniment is also goode.

Amended 22 Dec 2010 after experimentation: the proportions above may not provide sufficient oat milk. While any shortage might be made up with whisky with no complaint from the Nac Mac Feegle, for more genteel tastes, one might allow a whole bottle of oates with nearly two of water to ensure 5/8 bottle of rich oat extract. A small waste may annoy the Wee Free Men's Roundworld avatars, but better a muckle than a mickle.

--Old Dickens 00:07, 18 May 2009 (UTC)