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The original Volf had a son, also callled Volf. (Volf Volfsson) Volf Volfsson then had a son, grandson of Volf1. (Volf Volfssonson) Volf Volfssonson then fathered a son, imaginatively called Volf., the great-grandson of Volf1. (Volf Volfssonssonsson) Volf Volfssonssonsson went on to have a son called Volf Volfssonssonssonsson.

Volf Volfssonssonssonsson - the luckless warrior throughly killed in battle, collected by Susan and sent to Valhalla by express Valkyrie, who was the great-great grandson of Volf1. He was young when he died. Had he fathered another Volf Volfssonssonssonssonsson or did the line end here?

Or he could have been Volf Volfsgreatgreatgrandson (Is "Grendtsen" a nordic name, or its variety?)

Right, that's that made clear in my mind.... It's two in the morning, don't mind me. --AgProv 03:19, 18 September 2011 (CEST)