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This is really stubby! Does it exist? Agprov's area, I think.

Yup... it's in Hogfather. Where the wizard with the gambling problem and the need to earn a lot of dollars really, really, quickly is trying to break the magical locks prevening final access to the inner secrets of the Tooth Fairy's tower. (the purely human thief/locksmith they brought along has either admitted defeat or been given assisted passage back the the Disc by then) With an impatient Teatime standing behind him asking him why he hasn't got the door open yet, he tries to bluff him with magical theory and reasons that an Assassin will know nothing about magic. Woddeley's Occult Sequence is apparently the enciphered magical key that opens the lock - but Teatime has done his research and knows this already, as he points out to the hapless wizard. Just need to check names and fine details and the entry can be fleshed out from a mere threee words! --AgProv 17:45, 30 December 2007 (CET)