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Name Betty (stagename Tawneee)
Race Human
Age young
Occupation Exotic dancer
Physical appearance Extremely good-looking
Residence Ankh-Morpork
Marital Status
Books Thud!

A nightclub dancer and former girlfriend of Nobby Nobbs. It is highly likely that her occupation calls for her to be a member of the Guild of Ecdysiasts, Nautchers, Cancanieres and Exponents of Exotic Dance.They caught each other's eye when Nobby slipped an IOU in her belt. Her real name is Betty. She likes Nobby because he's the only person treating her normally - she's a victim of The Jerk Syndrome (only jerks dare to approach her, while any sensible man thinks he has no chance with her.)

Despite her looks and her job, she knows nothing about sex, or anything at all, and doesn't understand that being an exotic dancer might be considered indecent by some. In the end, she has a good chat with Angua and Sally von Humpeding who explain things to her.

Her lack of kitchen skills causes Nobby to consider a breakup, which may have occurred sometime after the events of Thud!.


Possibly a reference to Tawny Kitaen, who was the model for a host of Whitesnake vids in the '80s. She even went on to marry David Coverdale. If you want to know why, see here: [1] or here[2]

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