The Ankh-Morpork Football Association Hall of Fame playing cards

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The Ankh-Morpork Football playing cards are a group of 22 (possibly 26), small cards that were originally developed as an extra related to Unseen Academicals. They were created in a joint effort, being produced by Bernard Pearson, illustrated by Paul Kidby, and with text by Terry Pratchett. A set of fifteen was originally planned but this was expanded to 22 during production. The first of the cards was released as an extra with first editions of Unseen Academicals.

Publication History

Four cards (Librarian, Rincewind, Charlie and the Luggage) were bundled with first editions of Unseen Academicals released from certain retailers, i.e. Waterstones in the UK, these four cards are slightly different from the later sets as the rear reads 'from a set of fifteen' rather than 22, also the Luggage card has the Waterstones logo in the top left corner, 2009.

The cards were then commercially available from other outlets such as retailer website Amazon, though no longer. The bios on the rear of the cards and their front cover art were later reprinted in the anthology A Blink of the Screen, though only the first 20 cards were included, 2012.


1. David 'Dave' Likely

2. The Librarian

3. Mustrum Ridcully

4. Ponder Stibbons

5. Dr J. Hicks

6. Bengo Macarona

7. Trevor Likely

8. Charlie

9. Alf Nobbs (No Relation)

10. Gryffid Tabernacle Evans

11. Archchancellor Of Brazeneck College (Formerly Known As The Dean)

12. Professor Rincewind

13. The Luggage

14. Mr Nutt

15. Joseph Hoggett

16. Charlie (Big Boy) Barton

17. Jimmy Wilkins

18. J. W. Rickett

19. Aknon Smyth

20. Andy Shank

21. Bernard 'The Bolt' Pearson

22. Paul 'The Other One' Kidby


Album Cover

There is also an album for the cards to be attached inside with the cover reading 'Famous Footballers Of Ankh-Morpork.' The album has spaces for 26 cards to be affixed inside it, along with the bios for the first twenty printed next to their respective players slot. The last two 'substitute players' bios are not printed (still being on the reverse of the card however). The final four spaces are reserved for the four cards that were included with Unseen Academicals retailer exclusive first editions, meaning that the cards from one of these editions are needed in order to complete an album.

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